What do we say about the year 2020? “It was the worst of times, and it was the best of times.” You might think; which was it? The answer is and always will be both, that is, worst and best at the same time. As you might know by now, that we at Christ, Our Life Ministries have been teaching these truths for a long time now. Opposites don’t have to oppose each other, when you see from God’s point of view, they can and do complement and build on each other. Have you not heard it said, there are great Treasures in great Darkness? Challenges are always an opportunity for advancing faith in God’s people. The more the challenges; the greater the faith in our Lord who is more faithful than our circumstances, more faithful than faith in people, or faith in our government. All can fail us, but our Lord will never fail us or forsake us. However, to those who cannot see, they might say these challenges are proof that God doesn’t care about us, or He is even cruel and sadistic. Which is it? Is God faithful or not, that is the question? “To the merciful, I will show Myself merciful, and with the upright man I will show Myself upright; with the pure, I show Myself pure, and with the forward, I will show myself forward” (Psalm 18:26). It always depends on what you do with it. Do you have the eyes to see as God sees, or do you just judge by appearances?  It is always “walking through” the shadowy dark valleys of death that reap the greatest Spiritual benefits.
As I see it our country is in trouble, financially, politically, and spiritually, it makes me wonder if we are doing enough for our country, but the Holy Spirit assures me that preaching and teaching the fullness of the Gospel is the most patriotic thing that I can do. Seeing that our Christian churches and fellowships are somewhat lacking in understanding of the fullness of the Gospel and union with Christ. I believe if we as a country stand strong spiritually, then the peace and rest will follow suit.
The Lord is always looking for Christians who are hungering and thrusting after the Spiritual truth that will liberate us from the deceiving lies of the devil. Through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the precious life of Christ in us is our personal liberator and transformer from past foolish sins; worry over concern for tomorrow, or even present besetting sinful habits. There is a way through, but, needless to say, it can be rocky at times, but it is always faith in the Person of Christ who is our liberation. Personally, I found my way through and would recommend these testing times for all who really want to be free. Even though it all, I remember that Dan Stone prophesized that there would come a time when there would be a huge “tidal-wave of union truth” swiping our nation. I say Amen to that. You know, before the light of the Liberating Secret can come forth and as said, “it is darkest before the dawn.  Actually, The Shekinah Glory appeared at Solomon’s temple in “Thick Darkness.”
It is already 2021 and that means that Christ, Our Life Ministries, Inc. has been ministering truth to God’s people for 21 years. We can hardly believe how gracious the Lord has been to us through your generous financial giving. We want to extend our most thankful gratitude and appreciation for your love and prayerful support to us. We consider you an important part of our ministry, as we link together serving our Lord.
Again I ask? Are we doing enough, especially this year when travel has come to a stop? But then I stop and remember and marvel at all the avenues opened up to us throughout the years, I am amazed.  First radio, then TV, as well as, many opportunities on the internet through website connections. I finally got talked into doing Zoom classes. I kinda like it now, that is because I have finally learned how to work it. What I like about it is I get to have fellowship with the folks I love, and hang out with them too, even if it is from a distance. I’ll be 80 this year, but Dave says, I’m doing ok as a computer operator at my older age. I told Margaret my friend that we can’t say we are old until we are 80, but I’m reconsidering it now that I’m there. J
We had our first Zoom class, with sleep-over’s before Christmas last year. We are going to have another one in February (6th) this year, if anyone is interested, let me know. I’ll send out invites soon. Just recently our friend Jenny Fienning has made it possible, through her “box” connections to create us a beautiful box to put our many booklets in. It fits perfectly on your bookshelf, and conveniently holds 25 of my booklets. 
Our website is busy with visitors. We are linked up with many Facebook friends who share our material. We have our books on Amazon Kindle; and we can accommodate apple and android apparatus’s, with the Liberating Secret free App. You will be able to view many of The Liberating Secret TV Bible programs as well as read our monthly Newsletter. Also, you will be able to keep up with current events and even watch the live video feed from our annual conference (Jesus Party) this year, if possible June 10-13. Check out our website for the conference and for the app info. We enjoy a weekly bible study at our house every Thursday night, and new folks are coming faithfully. We also have a call-in number for out of town folks. If you are interested our call-in number is: (712) 770-4035 and the code number is 780697. We start at 7:00 pm on Thursday EST.  Richard Krupa and I do, “Sunday with Sylvia” on our FaceBook page every Sunday night at 6:00 pm EST. We cruise through the book of John and glean out all the hidden pearls. Look us up on Christ, Our Life Ministries on FaceBook, and join in. But remember to at least say, Hi, that way we will see your name and give you a shout-out.
There is a Sunday bible study Skype class at 10.00 AM EST hosted by Karen and David Norris, moderated by Brian Coatney, and taught by Brett Burrowes, myself, and others. Brian’s blog ( is such a blessing to all who would like to receive a daily reminder of our Union with Christ. Brian’s new book is continually a blessing to all who daily venturing into its many posts.
Jenny Fienning host a bi-annual Woman’s Retreat at Pawley Island, South Carolina. It continues to bless many as they are advancing in union understanding whereby they too “may teach others also.” This will be our 21st year and continuing? Tandy Coatney and Sylvia Pearce, team together as teachers and co-host with Jenny. The next Pawleys date is March 5-8th. Check out our website for details.
We are so thankful for our web-minister, Dave Moss, who is the reason for the success of the many internet connections.  He is a master computer guru and a one-man show, continuing to serve us for all our broadcasting needs. Although, Dave is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, Nancy. She is missed by us but joyfully received by Christ in Heaven. She was a shining light who loved serving as our own personal nurse. Nancy, we miss you. Susan Chapman, our daughter comes once a week to fill in for Dave as well as do anything I need her to do. They both are vital to our ministry.
There are many new series available on our website such as: “IT’S NOT A HOW TO, IT’S A HOW WHO, AND THE WHO IS NOT YOU,” by Bill Bower and myself which is now available. Check out our book store for all the new CD’s and DVD series: ROMANS 6-8 by Brett Burrowes; CLEASNED CONSCIOUSNESS, SEATED WITH CHRIST, THE WISDOM OF JAMES (one of my favorites), THE KEY (Romans 7-8), and WHAT IS MAN REVISITED BY ME, as well as all of our written material. Check it out on
We want to again thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your love, your prayers, and the support that you have given to Christ, Our Life Ministries. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have bonded with us in faith and love. Whether you supported us by financial giving, or by faithful prayers, or in loving service, or just simply being for us and desiring along with us to reach the world with the “Whole Gospel to the Whole Man, to the Whole World,” we thank you. We are believing for more openings even on Zoom, so let us know.
“Lord send us your precious people who are struggling with themselves and are weary from trying to self-improve. They must be wondering, “Is there any more?” Jesus promises those precious ones: “Blessed are those who hunger and thrust after righteousness, for they should be filled. “
Our endearing love and appreciation,
Scott and Sylvia Pearce
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