I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING MY NEW STREAMING PODCAST ON FACEBOOK! JOIN CHRIST, OUR LIFE MINISTRIES ON FACEBOOK at 6:00-7:00 PM EST. The Liberating Secret Bible series will be streaming Monday – Saturday, but on Sunday, you will see me live. 
It is called Sunday’s with Sylvia.
But I also plan to also have friends on with me too (Sharon Roy and Richard Krupa).
I hope to see you then.
To be notified, you must join the group. I would love to see your name and also I would be delighted to answer your questions. If I can’t get to your questions right away, each month or so we will have a question and answer time to hopefully get to all of them. 
***The Liberating Secret is weekly on WBNA Saturday at 9:30AM and Sunday at 11:00AM in Bethlehem, Israel
The Liberating Secret has canceled the TV programs on WBNA. The TV station has been graciously acceptable to us, we are cancelling for other reasons. Check out all our internet stations, and our streaming Mon-Sat. and my LIVE Streaming on Sunday evenings at 6:00. See a list of internet platforms that The Liberating Secret is currently on in What's New.



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