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Small Pearls

by William Law
The ONE light and the Spirit that were from all eternity, before angels or any heavenly beings were created, must to all eternity be the ONE light and Spirit by which angels and men can ever have any union or communion with God.  Every other light is just a light by which the beasts can see and move.  Every other spirit is just a spirit that gives to flesh and blood all its lusts and appetites.
The loss of the ONE light and Spirit of God turned an order of angels into devils.  The loss of the same light and Spirit took from the divine Adam which was his first crown of paradisiacal glory, stripped him more naked than the beasts, and left him a prey to devils and in the jaws of eternal death. What, therefore, can have the least share of power toward man’s redemption, besides the light and Spirit of God being born again in him as they were in his first glorious creation?  Or what can possibly bring forth the return of his first lost birth, but solely this eternal light and Spirit of Christ?
(taken from: “YOU WILL RECEIVE POWER”)