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Small Pearls

by Norman Grubb
 “We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus” 2 Cor. 4:10
For what reason does God come to us in adverse circumstances or in contradictory people?  The Answer is that it is not for our personal benefit, for our testing or further sanctification or something.  We are so used to relating everything to ourselves in the spiritual life as much as in the material that we tend to interpret everything in that light—what is God doing or saying to ME through this?  Not at all.  God, who is pure outgoing love, has other ends in view.  We are now His body, and a person has a body not for feeding or clothing or coddling but for using.  So Christ in His body.  He lives over again in us in all sorts of circumstances to reach others by us.  Now that turns adverse situations into adventure.  They are not for the dreary purpose of some more self-improvement (an impossibility anyhow!), they are the out flowing of the rivers to others.  It is pitiful to hear so often even elderly saints still regarding their trials, physical or material, as some further lessons for which they are to learn, instead of the freshness of the outlook:  Here is God, even in my old age, opening further doors for sharing Him with others.
Taken from God Unlimited by NPG

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