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To steal rest from clamor, that we may do,
Though the devil barks as if to bite.
We only seek to see our way through
All this darkness, by the everlasting light.
These, the atrocities, won’t stop for now,
Bank as such; they continue til we die.
Verily the Scripture tells us this, but also how
In faith not to faint, how quietly to discount the lie.
Wisdom’s many faces you won’t find loud,
With weapons conventional to kill one’s sin.
Its spirit slips the knot in an angry crowd,
Finding the holy place to worship in.
These are not the things most usually said
To ease the tortured mind in afflicted states,
To live as if one is already dead,
Is news the carnal mind most surely hates.
But what would we give for the world, our only soul?
Yes, we cling, that’s natural, but then let go,
Repeatedly, yes repeatedly to the end,
And that is where we get our heavenly glow.
Brian Coatney/3-8-07


Sylvia Pearce

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Liberating Secret


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