A Second Look
If you don’t see me in Christ.
then no matter what I do,
after a big enough rift—sure to happen—
we will certainly be through.
But I must start first—see you in Christ.
Then when things rattle and shake,
as they will, since God means our troubles sure,
I will know there’s no mistake.
Fellowship is made of rough stuff at first,
oh maybe an initial, pleasurable glow,
but followed by the clash of wills that
the devil is hoping to drag on down below.
First appearance seldom tells the story.
Sylvia says, “Faith is the second look,”
and here’s the rescue, that it is a second look—
else the Bible is very foolish book.
But it’s not, nor the Spirit and Christ’s Cross.
What looks at first like a death to flee,
becomes the place where toe meets toe,
and new mind replaces torn up memory.


Sylvia Pearce

Liberating Secret