Emotions-Captured Visitors
Emotions are not your friends
They may sometimes be strong
 and overwhelming but they are often fleeting
Sometimes they are stable,
other times whimsical.
They can blind you, as well as enlighten you
Emotions are simply a visitor-
beware of which one you let make a home
You think you control them but they can and will control you
You are meant to experience them
but they are not to be owned
for they are messengers and travelers sent to aid in expression
You try to integrate them into your thinking because you don’t understand their purpose
Some are sent to cause you to look deeper into the circumstance at hand
Others are sent simply for the experience
Emotions can compel you to action
When anger is presented, learn from it quickly and discard it quickly
For the person who holds onto it for too long,
 learns it will eventually turn on you like water flowing in a river
they were not meant to be caged
When captured they feel entrapped
and will grow stronger until
You set them free, back into the flow of the passing river of emotions
You say, “What about Love?”
Love is a being
It is not based off of circumstances or how people treat you.  Love impacts the world around it.  It channels through you, only for you to find out that you are submerged in it.
Tracey Taylor  March 2006


Sylvia Pearce

Liberating Secret