July 2020

# 183

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Videos of the Month


 Derek Prince
(Taken from Liberating Truth Booklet)
Reflection OF The Divine Image In Man - God's "Words" Are "Things" --- Jesus The Living "Word" - Sacred Instruments Of Divine Authority - Spiritual Weapons For Spiritual Conflict -  the Crisis Hour
"It's only words!" ---"What is there in words?" --- How often we hear people use such expressions as these!  And how false they are!  The truth is, rather, that it is scarcely possible to estimate the power and significance of words.  The faculty of language---that is, the power of expression in words, whether spoken or written---is one of the supreme gifts of God the Creator, to man the creature, whom He formed in His own image and likeness.  It is one most important aspect of the likeness between God and man, which is not shared by any creatures of a lower order.  Today, after nearly a century of unremitting efforts to prove the theory of evolution, this faculty of language, possessed by man, remains one clear and unchallengeable mark of division between him and the animals, which evolutionists have never been able to remove or to explain.  So long as this barrier stands, the theory of evolution can never provide a satisfactory account of the origin of man.
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