Aug. 2021

# 194

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A Prophetic Word for 2022
Sylvia Pearce
I am seeing anew what is coming on the earth.  First, I see a huge open window, almost a portal of light, coming from the heavenly realm. The light is so bright that it stuns us all to speechlessness. It is the “latter-day rain” prophesized by Joel, being poured out like a huge water fall of Spirit that is covering the earth. The latter-day rain is greater than the first pouring out which happened at Pentecost. Are we ready for what will happen and is happening?  How can you get ready, I don’t know. The Spirit of Wisdom has to make us ready in the moment.[1] 
This word came through me in 2006. The body of Christ wasn’t ready then, but are more ready now through the suffering that we have all experienced through these recent years Evil is Hidden in darkness and is hard to see, but now that the evil is being brought to the light, it may causes us pain to realize,but it also conditions us for the outpouring Spirit of God’s glory.

Sylvia Pearce

Liberating Secret