I ran across this precious letter buried deep within a chest of drawers of mine. It brought tears to my eyes, and maybe it will bless you too… SP
Dear Scott,                                                                                                 3-17-2001
Thank you so much for sending Sylvia to us. There is many young believers down here that I have been praying for them for years, but they won’t listen to me. I guess I’m just a grumpy old man to them, but they do listen to Sylvia.
Oh Scott, all these young couples lives are tangled up in sin like a web with no way out.  I have been holding up the Cross on their behalf, but Sylvia was able to break through with the mercy and love of God on their level and reach them.
I feel like these young hearts are a seed bed in which the Word has been planted. I guess I hold back the anger of Go on sin with the Cross and Sylvia meters out the Love of God in Christ Jesus.
But YOU Scott are the origin and foundation of it all, by your long nights there at Ford Motor Co. Because of YOU Scott and the sacrifice of your labor I believe there will be Tens of Thousands praising the Lamb throughout all eternity.
 Louis Tucker (Concord, NC)
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