We are looking ahead at our annual conference here in Louisville, KY. This year our Jesus Party will be June 2-5 and held at Celebrate Hall in Middletown, a few miles away from our house. and time for you to reserve your place at the table, so put it on your calendar now.
JOIN US June 2th-JUNE 5th in Louisville, KY for the
(Jesus Party or so called Jesus Revolution)
Christ, Our Life Ministries, Inc. &
The Liberating Secret
Invites you to:
The 22th Annual God Unlimited Enrichment Weekend
Hosted by Scott & Sylvia Pearce;

June 2-June 5, 2019
Celebration Hall
11711 Main St Middletown, KY 40243
Next to First Baptist Church
Or call 502-417-2110 for more info
You are invited to the gathering of the Saints in Louisville, Ky. Scott and Sylvia Pearce, invites you to the 22th Annual God Unlimited Enrichment Weekend, June 2-5th. We are gathering together at Scott and Sylvia’s home on Thursday evening at 7:00pm June 2th (13983 Poplar Lane; Louisville, KY 40299) for hors d’oeuvres and a night where we can “meet and greet” new people and reacquaint ourselves with old friends.  Also, we will kick off the first night of “THE JESUS REVOLUTION.” Come join in on the fun!
The June conference is our annual love-fest! So come and see what Jesus will do and is doing. Every year we are always super excited and expectant to what the Spirit will do to refresh us, confirm us, edify us, and further teach us the unsearchable riches of Christ and His mysterious ways of how He re-expresses Himself as us. Wow, talk about LIFE springing out of death!
The conference will be at Celebration Hall in downtown Middletown, KY (11711Main St. 40243) which is 5-10 minutes from Sylvia and Scott’s home. The conference will begin at 9:00AM on Friday morning through Sunday at noon, with plenty of down time, and outings for dinner. Then it will wind up on Sunday the 5th, but for the first time we will be able to have our Sunday meeting at Celebration Hall. The agenda will be posted on under “Conferences.” Any new updates will be posted.
We are privileged to have God’s very best teachers proclaiming and prophesying the Good News of Christ this year, it will include, Alan Parker, Brett Burrowes, Bill Bowers, Steve Scott,  Louie Lewis, Rich Stanley, and Sylvia Pearce.
We also always love our group sessions and testimony time. I’m hoping to hear from all of you.
We thank God for our own family and friends singing and leading us all in our praise and worship time. Music Fests will be jammed packed with great praise and worship and just plain fun. We will have the best of Ron and Sandra Block, also some new musicians, Joel Gerdis, along with our song bird, Rae Thompson. Mike and Sherry Tackett will light up the room with their presence, but will take a rest from playing for us this time.


Jenny Fienning
Jenny is not only our organizer and preparer for our feasting time, she also will do some part time MC-ing. We are hoping that Diane Gillooly, our precious daughter will also do some part time MC-ing as well.
Jenny and our other daughter, Susan Chapman will provide the delicious lunches. We are asking our local friends to provide their many home-made dishes to help for Friday and Saturday lunches. Food will be provided on Saturday night for a small fee, The drinks and will be provided as well. Thursday night and Friday night dinners are on you. Never fear, there are about 20 restaurants very near.

LIVE Video Streaming and Recording

Dave and Nancy Moss
I couldn’t help posting, our precious daughter-in-law, Nancy’s picture with Dave; her chair will be empty this year, the Lord took her home last year, however, she is with us from her royal place in glory. She always looked forward to our conference and when needed, she was our in-house nurse. We miss her so much. This year Dave will stream our conference, so you can watch it “LIVE” from your computer, I-pad or Christ, Our Life APP, or they are post recorded on our website thanks to Dave’s expertise. Check our website: and you will see the “STREAMING BUTTON”                         
Motel Arrangements
We cannot provide you with accommodations although, some of our Louisville friends will be able to host some of you, but most of you will find accommodations at one of these motels that are nearby; in fact they are all located in the same business complex and only 3 miles from our house. Here are some of the local motels to choose from: Hawthorn Suits Wyndham Louisville/Jeffersontown: (502)-261-0061; this motel is where most will stay. Best Western (502) 267-8100; Comfort Suites (502) 266-6509; or the more affordable Microtel (502) 266-6590. Airport pick-up may be provided. If you prefer a travel agency call Norma Mouser or call her at 502-420-0904; or at 1-800-223-7100.
Come hear the Liberating Secret while enjoying our Father’s Love! He is inviting you to His Table! Hopefully, the Holy Spirit will give you the nudge to come if you are to join us. If so, RSVP as soon as possible:
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CLICK DOCX below to download 
Pawleys Registration Form

Pawleys Island, SC
It’s Pawleys time again! Are you coming?

Pawleys Island, SC Woman’s Retreat
Come to our next Pawleys Island, SC Woman’s Retreat
Oct. 14-17, 2022 

  Jenny Fienning                Fran Giles                     Sylvia Pearce

Fran Jenny and Sylvia

Come and Enjoy a DEEP drink of LOVE from the Holy Spirit.
Remember: Once a Pawleys Princess… Always a Pawleys Princess!! Contact Person: Jenny Fienning 843-671-2545 (h); 843-816-1659 (c) Email: Registration For the  Semi-Annual Women’s Gathering Pawleys Island, SC.
We are truly living in exciting times!! Folks want to “get back to normal” as each perceives what normal is. The scriptures say that NOTHING remains the same…except the Life of the redeemed because our source is NOT OF THIS WORLD! Jesus said…”in the world you WILL have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”…You are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, Most Christians in America have not been challenged to know who they truly are, because we have “had” so much to distract us in all areas of life…Do we Christians KNOW who we truly are? And how do we live in the earth filled with chaos and divisions? Rejoice in ALL things… Live in peace within…JF
Send in your deposit ($100) to reserve your spot for the Oct. 29th 2022 retreat
Checks payable to Deep Waters Ministries, 212 Greenwood Dr. #334,
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Contact Jenny Fienning at:
Pawleys Girls.jpg
Louisville. KY
We are looking ahead at our annual conference here in Louisville, KY. This year our Jesus Revolution will be June 2-5 and held at Celebrate Hall in Middletown, a few miles away from the our house. There will be more information in the April Newsletter, and time for you to reserve your place at the table, so put it on your calendar now.

Come join us on Thursday nights at the Pearce’s house for a Bible Study.  You will join a growing number of Liberated Saints, for friendship. fellowship while we study and share together our liberating in Christ. It is at 7:00 PM. We also provide Free Conference call for out of town-ers. However, we love to see your face every Thursday. Here is the phone number.
(712) 770-4035 code is 780697#.).

6:00-7:00 PM (EST)
JOIN:CHRIST,Our Life Ministries FaceBook group and experience Sunday evenings at 6:00-7:00 PM EST with Sylvia Pearce as she brings to life the life and death of Jesus Christ and draw the fire of the Holy Spirit’s out of the gospel of John. She is coming to the end of the Gospel of John, after that, we will see what the Holy Spirit will lead us next.
See more info in the TV and Radio section.

There is an audio Zoom Sunday School Class hosted by Brett Burrowes at 10:00AM EST every Sunday morning. Read and discuss scripture with other brother's and sister's in Christ. If you are interested send an email to and he will connect you on  our Sunday Zoom class. Brett Burrowes, Sylvia Pearce, Rich Stanley and others will invite you into an amazing class and study of the book of Roman’s. However, there is plenty of discussion concerning our union with Christ.

Zoom Bible Study
Come to the audio Zoom fellowship every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time with hosted and taught by Brett Burrowes Email for more info


Up Coming Events

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