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To the Body of Christ
A prophetic word given by Paul Chapman
“First, I well at His feet, as others fell at mine” (Psalm 91) but now I know why because the ground that I stand on is holy ground. His presence! The beauty of this place cries out, Holy, Holy, Holy. With tenderness and mercy His body rises together as oneness at its core. To the unbelieving eye, we are crazy, but the untrained eye misses it all together. In unity with purpose, the body rises to the fullness of its stature knowing no defeat, by gathering all that is lost and returning unto the Lord His world in the fullness of its glory. We are not debtors to sin, but in love, let us rise and shine and give forth glory, the glory that our Father richly desires. He first gave us His all, and we too can give Him our all.
“Know no more the things of this world. By my name (Acts 11:26) you rule and reign. In the beginning I was and I am now for those who will follow. You will have untold riches “I can do all things through Christ.” I have come to this hour to do what I have said in times past. Now is the time to do all I prophesized through my servant Joel. Together we will do all to usher in a new era of man in the earth. I have a plan starting tomorrow that will shock the financial system. I will bring this into being. Do not be surprised, but I will have my way. Those thing that have been hidden shall be revealed. Do not hesitate, I know the ways of men and I have judged these things. Only believe and receive the wealth of the world, and distribute the means wisely as I guide you. Lean on Me for in Me is all power and wisdom. These things have come to pass today. Much more is to come, for there shall never be a day like this in the earth. The glory of the Lord shall rise and strike the things that have been hidden, and men shall know that I am God, by the Spirit of my witness.
Signs and wonders shall be fulfilled for the prophet of Joel is here. My glory shall cover the earth and men will know that I am God. The witness shall knock down all that oppose Him for He is good, for I will send Him and he will prophecy that He is good (Psalms 34:8). “Not by power, nor by might, but by My Spirit. The hour is short do not hesitate, but prepare to receive the coming of the Lord. Tell all who will receive that the Glory is here and it shall remain forever. The Glory is here. Declare it, the Glory is here. We in the Body are here for one purpose, that is, for the salvation of man’s souls. To God be the Glory, I am filling all with My Glory.
The future of man is in the earth, go forth and multiply in My name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, declaring all the works of the Lord. The hour has come to do all that I command, I will be blessed of all men, and all will be blessed in me. So do I command ye “ It is good, be not afraid or dismayed, for I am with thee, go forth and conquer in my name. Yes through the power of love! Love my people gather them up, I will be with thee all the days of your life. See it not strange, but in this hour, see Me, as all is one. I command thee Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, I will provide!”

Sylvia Pearce

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