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Why would God Almighty, the Father of all creation, send his beloved son into this earthly realm to die? Why would the prophet Isaiah say that “it pleased the Father to bruise the son.” What would be the purpose of such a sacrifice, and who in this perishing world would believe that the crucified son is really God’s Wisdom and glorious presence being manifested throughout the ages when to most it appears to be foolishness? How can human understanding ever grasp this kind of wisdom?
Who is this Savior for anyway? Certainly not to the wise of this world, or not to the rich who are trusting in “uncertain riches,” but to whom? To you who are “poor in spirit;” to you who are “meek;” to you who “mourn” your loses, and to you who are “hungering and thirsting after God’s righteousness.” This Christmas gift from God is to you who are tired of trying to make life work apart from God’s mercy and grace, and to you who are weary of trying to change yourself or change others to suit your imagined but illusive happiness. To any and all who will believe what God offers, and are foolish enough to take by faith what God calls His weakness (I Cor. 1:25) that is, the Father’s crucified Son.
This Son, Jesus who is called, the “Lamb who takes away the sin of the world,” and the prophesied and foretold Christ; the Heavenly anointed Son of God who through His obedience unto death inherited the power, majesty and wisdom of God the Father’s own universal Throne. A man, a human being rules the whole universe, but not any man, only one man, the glorified Man, Christ Jesus, the Lord.” 
But why a man; why would God want to be incarnate in man? Why not just stay, like some think, in heaven far above the pain and agony of this world and be aloof from all its suffering? Why not let this world stay separate from God’s presence and just spin into self-destruction? There is only ONE reason why God would send His Son into this wicked world. The reason is that God could not bear to leave mankind lost forever from His presence. LOVE, God’s unconditional Agape LOVE, deems it necessary to redeem mankind by purchasing us back from the one who stole us away at our terrible fall.  It was by Jesus’ own precious blood that redeems us from this “Usurper and Accuser of the brethren.” This same LOVE is what caused the Heavenly Angelic choir on that Bethlehem night to sing “Hallelujah, Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth good will to men.”
God was made man to bear the sin of this world that we might be made, by the new birth, sons and daughters of God thereby inheriting His own presence full of righteousness and glory.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah Jesus Christ is born, come let us all adore Him.             Sylvia Pearce
Scott and Sylvia Pearce,
Christ, Our Life Ministries, Inc.
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