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Something wonderful is happening to the body of Christ.  All around the world Spiritual renewal is happening.  The Spirit is being poured out in a fresh and different manner.  One way that it is different is that it feels like it’s raining. You can actually feel it raining.  It feels like fountains or rivers are rushing either through or out of you.  It feels like the “Latter Day Rain.” For a long time, the seed of the Word, the virginal seed of the woman, has lain dormant in our souls like a root out of dry ground.  But now the rains are coming down to water the ground.  The heavens are dropping down rain, the skies are pouring down righteousness.  The good ground of the Kingdom within us is opened, letting salvation bud forth and letting righteousness spring up together.  This “something new” the Lord is creating now.
The Spirit of Jesus is saying over and over to the Body: “Behold, I make all things new; I make all things new.” The Spirit is saying through the prophets, “This is a time of change for my people, a time of transformation.” The Spirit is saying “Only the New Creation matters.” This New Creation is a branch of the true vine of the true tree - the Tree of Life which is budding forth in us as “Aaron’s rod that budded.” It is the time of Isaiah 58 when it says: “Behold the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought, and make fat your bones and you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not.”
This is the time of Joel 2:28 when it says that, the Lord is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, both good and evil, young and old; just like the Lord causes natural rain to fall on the good and the evil.  This is the time of Isaiah 55 when whoever is thirsty let him come to the waters and drink; let him be revived; let the New Creation sprout out of the dry root and grow; Receive nourishment for the Spiritual Body within you. Eat the corn, the bread of heaven, the wine, the new wine of the Spirit, the oil, the fragrant oil of anointing.  Come and eat in abundance my friends! Live and grow in the Kingdom.  Be born again and let the New Creation come forth.
A new race of men is appearing on the earth.  At this time, all across the world, many in the body of Christ are beginning to experience change happening within their bodies.  They actually feel a new body growing within.  All across the world, believers are beginning to sense in the Spirit this spiritual rain that is falling, this new wine, this anointing oil, this milk of the word is actually real.  This has not happened before to this intensity, for it has never rained spiritually this hard.  This the “Latter Day Rain” - the rain to bring faith nourishment for this new body.  Many are beginning to eat and feed on this nourishment.  It is being generated by the Second Adam. It is the body of Christ - in complete union with God, in union with Christ, and in union with the Wisdom of God.  The New Race is the Super Race, because it is above the natural race of Fallen Adam.  The new race is one Man, Christ, joined to his bride, Holy Wisdom., the Heavenly Jerusalem. 
A new thing is now springing forth.  It is a New Creation. Now is the time. If you are willing, you will tangibly witness the beginning of the emergence of this New Creation within your own body.  Yes, now, before the resurrection of the dead (Yes, there will also be a resurrection of the dead.)  But now is the time for the New Creation to grow and develop inside you.  Now is the time of the New Creation to be coming-forth, the manifestation of the Sons of God not in fallen flesh, but in new Spiritual bodies in splendor, power and glory!
Many who know union with Christ suspected that there was more! There is! There is a new thing! Now is the time for Christ in you to also enter into complete union with Divine Wisdom and to emerge again in the oneness of the image and likeness of God as the New Creation.  The Lord says He is bringing forth this new race of men for Himself, to place his life and image in them. These shall be His own offspring, born again of Him as His sons and as the “Seed of the Woman.” They shall be holy and be joined in oneness to Christ and to God’s infinite might and wisdom.  Christ and Wisdom shall be their life - A New Creation.
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