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In the letter to the Galatians, The Apostle Paul writes, “I labor in faith again until Christ be formed in you?” What could Paul mean by this statement when most don’t actually experience a fully formed Christ in themselves, but instead feel stuck in a Romans 7 syndrome, that is, “the things I would do, I do not.” And how do we Christians ever experience the promise of “No Condemnation” in Romans 8?
I usually shock most Christians when I say that Romans 7 is the only chapter in the Bible that is a LIE. What? Let me explain. It certainly is the truth concerning Paul’s experience, yet the problem is that he is believing a big lie about his true identity in Christ. He is believing who he is NOT. Therefore, not knowing this identify truth, you are chained to the BIG LIE.
As long as we Christians are confessed by what Paul is crying out in Romans 7, “I am carnal, sold under sin” and “it is sin that dwells in me,” we are saying that Christ is not in us, but sin or Satan is in us. If that is so then when Jesus said, “It is Finished,” He didn’t really mean it. Jesus also said, “we cannot serve two masters.” When we confess this non-truth about ourselves we are giving the Lordship of our body to sin/Satan, instead of Christ, who is our true life. Paul says “Let not sin reign in your mortal flesh.” So then, why does Paul say that we are “sold under sin” in Romans 7, and why do most mininsters agree with these statements of Paul’s? Doesn’t Paul actually say in Romans 6 that we are “dead to sin,” then why does Paul contradict that truth in Romans 7? Wouldn’t most say, that Romans 6 is a heavenly positional truth, however, as Christians, we will not be freed from sin in our present tense condition? Is this the reason that people confess over and over again, “I still have the old sinful nature so that is why I sin every day?” Or, “I have two natures, that is, one new nature, but I still have the old nature that I have to fight hard against every day not to sin?” My friend Richard Krupa says, “this problem is the ‘Boulder Dam’ holding God’s people back from experiencing the released life in Christ.” This is a mystery that most do not understand, nor have rarely been heard taught the remedy to this seeming contradiction from the pulpit. How can the Spirit give us the released Spirit life of Christ with this confusing chapter 7 right inbetween Romans 6 and Romans 8? Romans 6 is a mountian top, and Romans 8 is a mountain top too, but Romans 7 seems to be the valley of defeat. Or, could it be the valley of discovering the big lie that we have lived with all our lives?
Paul is right when he says that as a Christian he experienced defeat instead of victory over his sinful lust. How can that be if he is dead to sin? Here lies the key: As long as he believes and depends on his own independent self, separate-from-Christ, with his own fleshly will-power to conquer his sins and temptations, he is held captive and trapped in sinful behaviors. The law shouts at him to try harder to not sin, but he finds no release from his struggle. Although, he is being honest about his dilemma, but is that the full answer? No, if it were the answer, then we would be worse off as Christians than we were before we were saved. Nothing is conquered by the flesh, it can only be conquered by the Holy Spirit when we take by faith the deliverance available for us at the cross.
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