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Fear Transformed Into Faith
(From “Mountain of Spices” by Hannah Hurnard)
In this book, I have tried to show as clearly as possible that the very characteristics and weaknesses of temperament with which we were born, which often seem to us to be the greatest of all hindrances to the Christian life, are, in reality, the very things which when surrendered to the Savior, can be transformed into their exact opposites and can therefore produce in us the loveliest of all qualities.
I have described the transformation of the deformities of character which have been the greatest problems in my own life and about which, therefore, I can speak with the most authority.  I was born with a fearful nature—a real slave of the Fearing Clan!  But I have since made the glorious discovery that no one has such a perfect opportunity to practice and develop faith as do those who must learn constantly to turn fear into faith.  One must either succumb to the fear altogether and become a “Craven Coward” for the rest of one’s life; or by yielding that fear wholly to the Lord and using each temptation to fear an opportunity for practicing faith, be made at last into a radiant “Fearless Witness” to his love and power.  There is no middle course.
In the same way a moody temper, a sharp, spiteful tongue, or a dismally anxious and foreboding habit of mind, as will as the other temperamental characteristics personified in this book, can all be gloriously transformed into their exact opposites. Love takes our defects and deformities, and out of them, as out of “crooked Jacob,” fashions princes and princesses of God.
“Evil has no power when Christians have no fear.” Christ in you is fearless."
On February 6th we women are doing a “day Apart” (men can come if they want) This means we will get together for a whole day of fellowship, singing, food, and of course teaching and sharing.  Beth Wren took the leap and made me promise a date, so Saturday the 6th is it. It will start around 10:00AM as locals gather together at Sylvia's house for the whole day of fun, fellowship, and sharing together, like us ladies love to do. Beth also thinks we need to do Zoom as well. So, look for your Zoom invite to the Zoom teaching sessions (See the agenda for the Zoom class in the “EVENTS” section) if you can't make it.
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