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We consider healing and miracles as God’s way of getting our attention. In this corrupt world that we live in God sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Miracles are God’s way of saying “I’m here, I’m real, and I love you.” Then when God has your attention, we see it as our mission to help you to find your own personal relationship with Him.

Praise Reports

Below is a short list of resent healings and miracles that our Lord preformed through us. Praise Jesus! 
Please send us your prayer requests by using the "Prayer" tab above. God can be real in your life too! 

Disclaimer: We are not medically qualified. If you have a medical problem then we strongly recommend that you go to a qualified medical practitioner. God created the Doctors too!

High Blood Pressure

Broken foot healed instantly

Leukemia cured, and totally gone from the blood. The Doctors are confused!

Crack cocaine addiction cured

Stroke victim cured from paralysis 

Coma victim awakens 

Pregnancy and birth of a perfect baby after years of trying 

Car wreck victim brought back from death

Multiple heart attack and stroke victim with only 20% heart capacity and on a ventilator walks out of hospital a week later and living a normal life.    

Broken bones healed.

Torn muscles healed instantly.

Arthritis cured and gone from feet after years of pain and medication.     

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