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I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING MY NEW STREAMING PODCAST ON FACEBOOK! JOIN CHRIST, OUR LIFE MINISTRIES ON FACEBOOK at 6:00-7:00 PM EST. The Liberating Secret Bible series will be streaming Monday – Saturday, but on Sunday, you will see me live. 
It is called Sundays with Sylvia.
But I plan to also have friends on with me too Sharon Roy and Richard Krupa.
I hope to see you then.
To be notified, you must join the group. I would love to see your name and also I would be delighted to answer your questions. If I can’t get to your questions right away, each month or so we will have a question and answer time to hopefully get to all of them. 
WHAT’S NEW? Brian Coatney’s new daily devotional book is HERE. 
"A Year in Who We Are"
Brian’s new book is on Amazon:
"A Year in Who We Are" is here. It is 366 daily readings taken from his blogs, and it offers the option of holding a book in hand for one's daily reading.
Each reading is one page and can be read in 2-3 minutes. Nicholas Pujdak has designed a fabulous cover. The book is only in soft cover.
Each reading is one page and can be read in 2-3 minutes. Nicholas Pujdak has designed a fabulous cover. The book is only in soft cover.
A paragraph from the Foreword: “Brian uses his own personal experiences along with his Biblical insights to weave together a tapestry of truth unlike any other.  The Word of God as Brian presents it will “put fire in your bones” as well as introduce you to the same wisdom that resides in him. Brian’s insightful writings speak loud and clear into the hearts and minds of God’s family.  If whole-heartedly received, his insights will spiritually advance and transform any seeker into God’s wise masterpiece.”
      To order, send Brian an email at He can figure cost for you then based on number of copies and shipping.
Brett Burrowes has a new 11 part series on The Liberating Secret. It is his anointed teaching on Romans 6-8. This series is so clear and so powerfully presented that you just don’t want to miss it. It is on YouTube as well as on our APP.
My new series called, “THE LIBERATING SECRET” is next in line of my TV series. It is also now on the APP
  • ALSO, The Letter to the Hebrews by Sylvia Pearce
  • The Missing Link: Bill Bower and Sylvia Pearce
    Three 30 minute on one DVD’s on Romans 7
      Roman’s chapter seven is one of the most debated sections in the Apostle Paul’s tremendous            presentation of the Gospel of grace.  Is Roman’s Seven an enigma? Some think so. Is it Paul’s         experience before he was a Christian? Many more think that his trying and failing roller                 coaster type testimony was his constant normal life’s experience.  If, as some say, that                   Roman’s seven is the normal Christian life, then why would the Spirit put Roman’s eight, the             great victory chapter of “No-Condemnation,” as sort of a post script or a teaser to the                   preceding chapter?  God would never do that!  When properly understood, it is certainly the           path to victory, and not defeat.
     Sylvia Pearce and Bill Bower discuss this seemingly knotty and unclear chapter, and reveal new         liberating truths that will un-tie and illuminate to your understanding tremendous revelations         that will boost you into the sought after freedom available in Roman’s eight.
  • It’s all about Faith: Sylvia Pearce
      “Without faith it is impossible to please God…” is the cry of the writer to the Christian Jews          in Jerusalem before the final destruction of the temple in 70 AD. It is faith in God’s promises        of the New Creation that will see us all through no matter what ever our outer circumstances         are. We Christians are saved by faith,, we live by faith in the life of Christ, we are                        sanctified  by faith, we walk by faith, and we stand, in Spiritual warfare, by faith. However,
      Hebrews 6:1 tells us to lay aside our baby faith and grow up to mature faith.  We move in
      our maturity
      from a outer faith towards a transcended God, to faith in an indwelling faith in Christ, who is          your life. So, all of life is moving from faith to faith and from glory to glory. For without faith        there is no manifested glory and where there is no manifested glory, there is no possibility to         please God.
  • Discovering the Lie; Sylvia Pearce
      “Deep in mankind’s consciousness is an all prevailing and insidious LIE. This one LIE is the                father of all lies.  It is hardly noticeable to our natural thinking because we have lived with it          all of our lives. Deceptions prevail as the lie lives on in us making us believe that it is the                  truth.  However, unknowingly to us it is the ROOT, THE TREE AND THE BRANCHES OF ALL          EVIL. It is the temple of pride built in mankind's hypnotized and mesmerized carnal mind.
      Even after we are Christians this lie lingers in the dark shadows of our minds to haunt and              torment us. Once the light of the truth awakens us to realize and identify this lie, we can by          faith inherit the truth of our TRUE SELVES in union with Christ. Then this insidous lie will              silver away like a defeated serpent and have no more manifestated power in us. NOW WE ARE        FREE INDEED.”
  • Romans 7 Bill Bower and Sylvia Pearce
  • Discovering the Lie; Sylvia Pearce (Now complete and available on
  • What is Man? Revisited-Sylvia Pearce
  • Seated In Heaven; Ephesians-Sylvia Pearce
  • The Wisdom of James Verse by verse—Sylvia Pearce
  • Cleansed Consciousness (4”I”’s)—Sylvia Pearce
  • Discovering Your Right-Self—Bill Bower and Sylvia Pearce
  • A Common Bush--Bill Bower and Sylvia Pearce
  • It’s Not a How To--by Bill Bower and Sylvia Pearce (3 programs on three DVD’s).

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