I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING MY NEW STREAMING PODCAST ON FACEBOOK! JOIN CHRIST, OUR LIFE MINISTRIES ON FACEBOOK at 6:00-7:00 PM EST. The Liberating Secret Bible series will be streaming Monday – Saturday, but on Sunday, you will see me live. 
It is called Sunday’s with Sylvia.
But I also plan to also have friends on with me too (Sharon Roy and Richard Krupa).
I hope to see you then.
To be notified, you must join the group. I would love to see your name and also I would be delighted to answer your questions. If I can’t get to your questions right away, each month or so we will have a question and answer time to hopefully get to all of them. 
***The Liberating Secret is weekly on WBNA Saturday at 9:30AM and Sunday at 11:00AM in Bethlehem, Israel
The Liberating Secret TV program has a new airing time on WBNA channel 21.1 in Louisville and surrounding communities at 7:30 AM daily M-F. Bring your cup of coffee, be blessed and wake up to the Liberating Secret.
If you missed the 7:30 program, join us at 9:30 AM on WBNA 21.4, it airs M-F also. (that also plays on Spectrum cable 185.
The Liberating Secret is on WBNA TV 21-1 Sunday at 9:30 AM and also on 21-3--Sunday at 10:00AM-est



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