Small Pearls

By: Sylvia Pearce
For us who are redeemed, Christ in us is the road to glory.  This road is paved with “peace that passes all understanding, joy unspeakable full of glory, and adventure but most often forged in pain. We must “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil 2:12-13 ).  We must work out of ourselves what God has imparted in us at our new birth and then by faith “possess our possessions”. We do that by faith, laboring to enter into the Sabbath rest made available to the children of God.” We have it all in Spirit, however “His rest” must be fully realized as a present tense living reality. It must not remain just a mental theory. The “Resurrection Life” of Christ must be experienced as a glorious new reality.
Most often, it is a slow and sometimes painful “walk of faith” as we mature from one stage to another. I John 2:12-14 says that we experience our “little children” baby steps of faith and know peace with God and the forgiveness of our sins at our initial conversion.  Then as we mature we experience finding out who we are by first trying to operate from who we are not (Romans 7).  We are not an independent-self able to function apart from “Christ, who is our life” (Colo. 3:4). Therefore we discover our total helplessness which then conditions us to discover that we are joined to Christ in His death and raised together with Him in His resurrection. Thereby experiencing an exchange of natures.  Now as “Young Men” we experience a new identity and a new authority through the Life of Christ. Then finally, as we mature into the fatherhood level, we know God’s Wisdom and His eternal purposes as well as labor in faith to bring others to their full maturity in Christ. The final victory that is yet to be manifested is the redemption of our bodies, as mortality is swallowed up in immortality (I Cor. 15:54). We live now as ascended persons with full authority seated with the ascended Christ in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6).
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