A Poem from Jeanne Guyon from her prison cell:
Strong are the walls around me
That hold me all the day
But they who thus have bound me
Cannot keep God away.
My very dungeon walls are dear
Because the God I love is here.
They know who thus oppress me
‘Tis hard to be along.
But know not One can bless me
Who comes through bars and stone.
He makes my dungeon’s darkness bright,
And fills my bosom with delight.
Thy love, O God restores me
From sighs and tears to praise.
And deep my soul adores Thee
Nor thinks of time and place.
I ask no more in good or ill
But union with thy holy will
“Tis that which makes my treasure,
“Tis that which brings me gain,
Converting woe to pleasure;
And reaping you with pain.
Oh, “tis enough whate’er befall,
To know that God is ALL in ALL.


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