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Becoming a Spiritual Worshipper
William Law
So, how we are to become worshippers of the Father in spirit and truth? We may do so by turning inward and focusing on what is daily and hourly stirring, living, and working in our hearts.
There is no passage of Scripture that gives us this direction in exactly these words. However, the Scriptures do say that God "dwells not in temples made with hands" (Acts 7:48), but in the temple of our hearts. The kingdom of God is also said to be within us, and not to come with outward signs. It is to be like a secret, living seed of the incorruptible Word in us. The Scriptures also tell us that our hearts are the whole of our lives, and that we live, move, and have our being in God (Acts 17:28).So, they directly tell us that we are to turn inward if we desire to turn to and find God.
God's Word also directly tells us that God abides within us in whatever manner we worship Him. He is our God, our life, our rest and happiness, to the degree that our hearts are willing and choosing, hungering and thirsting, to find, feel, and enjoy the life-giving power of His holy presence in our souls.
Worshipping God with the whole heart and soul, in spirit and in truth, consists of many things. We must be inwardly attentive to God, showing the good and the evil, distinguishing the light from the darkness in our own souls. We must listen to the voice of His ever speaking Word, and watch the movement of His ever sanctifying Spirit within us. We must wait in the spirit of prayer, of faith and hope, of love and yieldedness --- Wait to be inwardly awakened and revived in the image and likeness of the Son.
Real worship is living to God, in and through the power of Christ, as He lived. It is praying with Him, and by His Spirit, the continual prayer that He always had, whether He was speaking to the multitudes, healing their diseases, or was alone in the still of the night. This inward prayer, in which the whole heart loves, worships, and petitions God not an absent or distant God, but a Trinity of goodness and mercy, of light and love, of glory and majesty, dwelling and working within us, willing and desiring to do everything in the temple of our hearts that is done in God's own temple in heaven is a prayer that needs outward words only for the sake of others. Of this prayer we may say to God, as Christ said, "I knew that You hear me always: but because of the people which stand-by I said it" (John 11:42).
Perhaps you will think I have gone too far with this and yet have not come close enough to the matter at hand --- I hope that is not the case. I have tried to show that church unity or communion is not a matter that depends on any particular outward thing, but is complete or defective to the extent that we live in unity with or contrariety to the inward nature and outward example of Christ. For the only union that signifies anything to us or to our salvation, is our union with God through Christ. The only thing that unites us to Christ or makes us His, is His Holy Spirit dwelling and working in us and through us, as He did in Christ.
This is the only church unity that concerns the conscience, and when we are in this unity, we are in union with Christ and with everyone who is united to Him. This is true no matter how separated we may be from each other by human barriers.
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