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The Whole Gospel; to the Whole Man;
to the Whole World.
JUNE 11-14
We are so sorry to have to announce to you that our usual family June reunion and conference has been cancelled at this time. If there is to be another date-set for this year, we will let you know. Just remember, all things do work together for good to them who love Him. So regardless to what is happening to us, God is still on the throne and in control. You can be assured that our faith never fails, because He never fails who is the author and finisher of our faith, and hold all things together by His never changing word.
So, what do you see?  Can you see that every trial, every temptation, and every painful situation has a seed of hope hidden in its depths with the potential of great glory? It is like a precious treasure waiting to escape from its prison held only by your own unbelief keeping it from having its final glorious reveal.   Release it to the Lord and discover the redemptive power of its hidden glory!
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